Mozilla Firefox 55.0 正式版发布下载

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随着Mozilla FireFox 55的到来,这款开源浏览器走入了一个全新的阶段,多线程的完善和正式引入让它的性能终于开始赶上,不过老旧的插件(如Flash)让浏览器在多线程运行时问题百出,在Firefox 55及以后的版本中,Mozilla将重点开始解决这些问题:比如,在55版本中,运行Flash控件将默认需要用户确认,并且不再允许从本地调用此类内容等。同时从55版本开始,Firefox将开始支持WebVR。




  • Browsing sessions with a high number of tabs are now restored in an instant
  • Sidebar (bookmarks, history, synced tabs) can now be moved to the right edge of the window
  • Fine-tune your browser performance from the Preferences/Options page.
  • Make screenshots of webpages, and save them locally or upload them to the cloud. This feature will undergo A/B testing and will not be visible for some users.
  • Added Belarusian (be) locale
  • Assign custom shortcuts to Firefox menu items on OS X and macOS via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts
  • Simplify print jobs from within print preview
  • Use virtual reality devices with the web with the introduction of WebVR
  • Search suggestions are now enabled by default for users who haven't explicitly opted-out
  • Search with any installed search engine directly from the location bar


  • Breaking profile changes - do not downgrade Firefox and use a profile that has been opened with Firefox 55+.
  • Windows stub installer is now streamlined for simpler installation. Users requiring advanced install options should use full installers.
  • The Flash plugin is now click-to-activate by default and only allowed on http:// and https:// URL schemes. This change will be rolled out progressively and so will not be visible to all users immediately. For more information see the Firefox plugin roadmap
  • Modernized application update UI to be less intrusive and more aligned with the rest of the browser.  Only users who have not restarted their browser 8 days after downloading an update or users who opted out of automatic updates will see this change.


  • Insecure sites can no longer access the Geolocation APIs to get access to your physical location



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